Managed Services

We offer reliable, trustworthy IT helpdesk services for everyday issues that your business might encounter. Whether it’s something big or something small, we can get your issues addressed and get your infrastructure back up and running smoothly. Support is available both online and onsite, making sure nothing slows you down, and our ticketing system makes sure every issue gets addressed promptly.

Our network monitoring systems stay proactive in managing and preventing issues. Questionable network traffic? Something hogging network resources? Let our monitoring team analyse what’s going on and deliver a plan of action, getting your business back to doing what it does best.

Our management services meet and exceed the standards for ongoing service and customer care. All of our recurring services, from phone service, to mail, to cybersecurity briefs, is integrated into one easy system so that you don’t have to make a dozen calls to solve a single problem. Our unified management services make it seamless and easy to stay on top of potential problems and potential savings.

Server and infrastructure development and support

Whether you’re moving office or simply need more storage available to you, our team can help. We’re able to handle infrastructure projects of any size, from remodels to augmenting existing infrastructure, and you’ll have our expertise every step of the way. Let us look at how your business is laid out and we can identify ways to increase workflow, profitability, and stability all at the same time.

If your business is growing, you’ll need the systems to grow with it. Leave it to us to make those transitions as easy as possible. Large-scale systems can lead to large-scale problems – let our migration team handle the hard work. We can forecast the growth of your business to figure out precisely what tools you’ll need moving into the future, as well as meet any current needs you may have.

Not only do we manage onsite infrastructural projects and maintenance, but we also offer infrastructure as a service if you’re interested in reducing your on-premise footprint. By coordinating with the leading data centres in both the UK and globally, the team at JSH Digital Solutions can ensure that your data flows exactly the way you’d like with no compromises.

Project deployments such as OS upgrades and new environment deployments and rationalisation

No deployment project is too large or too small for us. Just let us know the number of machines, and we’ll work from there: Operating System upgrades, new environment deployments, virtual environment deployments, license management and retention, and so on. We’ll get every machine in your system running smoothly and in harmony, so you don’t ever lose time or money from a misaligned piece.

We also handle IT rationalisation according to all best practices, giving you a holistic understanding of how your network, devices, and needs all fit together. Our enterprise-level analysis lets us see where you’re losing resources and where you’re making them up, and develop systems that play to your strengths.

Looking for someone to handle the upgrading of existing office hardware? From printer toner to conference projectors, no project is too big or too small. We can coordinate hardware procurement, installation, and testing of any scale. Whether it’s to save yourself the time, hassle, or the resources – after all, we coordinate with local and global wholesalers to guarantee the most competitive price available – give us a call and we’ll handle the rest.



JSH helped us at a period where we had lost our IT manager who also committed a series of computer breaches. They resolved our issues, helped us progress a legal case, and got us back to where we needed to be.


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Azure, AWS, and Google cloud services

Let JSH Digital Solutions get you connected to the industry-leading data centres so you can get back to doing what you do best. Cloud data centres offer unrivaled consistency and stability in their virtual machine provisions, data storage, and virtual app provision. If you’re looking to reduce the overhead or on-premises hardware footprint of your business, this is the first place to look.

Without a hypervisor, cloud services are often the better choice for small-scale enterprise solutions where the priority is making large gains in resource management, quickly. Decimate your overhead on physical machines you don’t need, without making any changes to your existing labor infrastructure. Cloud services constitute the pinnacle in turnkey solutions, making integration into your business seamless while making the benefits obvious.

Do you already work through Windows to maintain your own domain controllers? Azure can not only integrate into your existing system perfectly, but also work as an exceptional management tool. Do you work through Google for some of your enterprise solutions already, such as through your mailing infrastructure? Integrating GCS is as easy as pressing a button, and you’ll begin saving money.

Cloud backup solutions

Let us leverage our years of experience in cloud migration towards your benefit so you can safely make the leap. We manage suites of cloud services such as Office 365 to keep future deployments seamless and easy. We establish Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google cloud services for your business and get you utilising some of the most powerful resources from some of the largest companies across the world. Whether you’re establishing new cloud infrastructure or migrating what you currently have, our unique experience in the field gives us an edge in delivering what you need.

Cloud services are, at the end of the day, for efficiency – how much are you putting towards your infrastructure, and how much are you getting in return? Cloud services can dramatically reduce your overhead costs without hurting your returns. Not only storage, but computing resources and hardware costs can also be externalised with cloud technology. Every enterprise is different – let our team create a solution that’s as unique as your business.

Want to invest in another layer of added security? Backup solutions and storage of sensitive data can be done entirely off-premises with the cloud. Our teams can give you another layer of protection from power interruptions, natural disasters, and even physical break-ins by keeping your most important assets safe. There’s an endless variety of cloud-based solutions to the problems your business might encounter – contact us and let a member of our team discuss what we can do to keep your data protected.

Risk assessments and audits

Our risk assessment strategy utilises a structured analysis including identification of hazards, frequency of exposure, likelihood of damage, severity of damage and methods for reducing risk. While some firms might simply go with their best hunch when it comes to assessing risk, our teams look at what makes your needs unique in assessing the risks you face.

First, we look for potential vectors of risk such as networking, existing security protocols, and known attack vectors. Our team digs into everything in your environment, and begins assessing risks. Do you operate several servers running Windows Server 2003 with no patches? Have you let your AV license lapse for months? Do your firewalls have open ports that haven’t been documented and followed up on?

We look for everything in your organisational structure that could lend itself to an attack. Addition of adequate and robust spam filtering in mail exchange, prevention of unmanaged USB access to physical machines, and so forth; the greatest mistake an enterprise can make is believing that they know where every risk comes from, or that they can handle every risk themselves. Your number one hacking threat is, in fact, inside your own organization – disgruntled employees whose permissions haven’t lapsed, or attackers utilising the credentials of your employees, constitute an often overlooked threat. Our assessment looks at not only what attackers from outside your organisation could do, but also what permissions you’ve given people inside as well.



Unsure what we would’ve done without JSH Digital… We had a series of issues with our onsite ESXi environment which we didn’t have the skillset to resolve. JSH Digital had it resolved within the month, and we haven’t looked back since.


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IT management strategies

Your IT department is the first stop in fixing IT problems, so what about making it better? We offer IT management strategy consultation as part of our suite of services, in order to get your existing labor infrastructure up to the point it needs to be at without drastic reorganization. We trace a causal arrow all the way from an issue first reveals itself to when the issue is addressed, to dig into what can be augmented in your existing IT management.

We assess patching strategies, security loopholes and privileges, and whether your team operates within a reactive or proactive paradigm. Allow JSH Digital Solutions to leverage our decades of industry experience to draw up a plan and ensure your IT team is self-sufficient and able to handle any threats that may arise down the road. We’ve all heard the adage of teaching a man to fish; we’ll teach yours to avoid all the Phishing they can.

VoIP deployments and management with 3CX

As your business grows, so will your communication needs. Utilising VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology as well as 3CX management software deployments, we can get every facet of your business perfectly synchronised. Save the overhead of your existing phone lines without changing your number. Add another layer of security to protect your business, through one of the most common vectors of entry.

We also offer management of phone systems with the industry-standard 3CX Phone System, which allows for complete unification of communications ranging from chat and email to video and call conferencing. With our recurring support, we make sure that your communications infrastructure runs more consistently, stays running, and does more for you.

But it doesn’t stop there: 3CX integrates seamlessly with Outlook deployments, so you can keep going on your existing mail exchange without missing a beat. It also provides remote-assist functionality, meaning your IT teams will also hugely benefit from your new communications deployment. Have your entire organisation integrated like never before and truly start working in the same direction.

Vmware ESXi and Horizon 7 solutions

VMWare ESXi is the perfect solution for an enterprise which is interested in leveraging the benefits of virtualisation technology while retaining ownership of every hypervisor and VM in their ecosystem. Unlike AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Services, VMWare ESXi partitions your existing hardware into as many discrete VMs as your needs require, and allows for a full suite of management tools to keep it running exactly how you want.

Pair this hypervisor with VMWare’s Horizon VDI platform and your team will hardly tell the difference. Desktop environments remain the same, while desktop and application management become a breeze. Managing your machines this way can lead to a dramatic improvement to ROI, as you’re retaining licenses and ownership of every tool you use. Data security and compliance with best practices is augmented for the same reason: you’re no longer shipping your data off to Amazon and hoping they treat it right.

Deploying VMWare solutions is where much of the team at JSH Digital Solutions cut their teeth and where our team can best leverage our experience and knowledge of the industry. Give us a call today and let us discuss how VMWare ESXi and Horizon 7 can reshape your business.

Cyber crime assessment and recovery – we will help those who are subject to an app scam

Do you suspect your business or one of your employees has been the victim of an app scam? Do you think your data has been compromised, or there’s been illegal access? Have you been the victim of cyber crime? We can help you figure out the complex details of how you could potentially be affected by cyber crime, and make sure you don’t fall victim; at the same time, we can help existing victims with data recovery, rebuilding infrastructure, and returning your business to profitability and security.

Damage to your business can be both financial and reputational. If a known vulnerability is found, hacker incidents can become more common and new vulnerabilities can be identified. The importance of getting regular security assessments and making sure your existing security systems are working properly cannot be understated. Just as with people, the best care with cybersecurity is preventative: identifying potential issues and leveraging a large knowledge pool to solve those issues before they’re taken advantage of.

We don’t just handle the technical side of things: when you’ve been the victim of an app scam, we coordinate with the financial institutions and state regulatory agencies so you don’t have to. While banks are obligated by law to protect you from scams such as these, they’re often negligent in their duty; for this reason, it’s often necessary to triangulate the issue yourself and process claims through the financial ombudsman. Thankfully, over 90% of claims to the ombudsman are found in favor of the claimant: for this reason, the worst thing you can do is ignore the issue. Let us use our skills to get your money, data, and time back, and make sure the vulnerability is closed.